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Both the weather and sailing conditions in the British Virgin Islands approach being perfect for most of the year. The trade winds are steady, the seas moderate, the climate gentle, and snug coves are always in sight.

Click Here for a very nice climate summary of the year-round weather and sea conditions.

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Need weather on the boat?

Weather by... AM Radio, phone, VHF, or FAX while you are in the BVI is available, courtesy of (CCT) Boatphone and ZBVI 780 AM Radio. You can dial 6900, then dial 2 during their greeting to jump to the forecast. You will pay for the local call. Click on the logo on the left to get instructions for receiving a weather FAX . The daily marine forecast is also broadcast every morning at 8:05 AM (7:45 Sat, 9:45 Sun) on ZBVI 780AM, including winds and sea state reports. You can also hear it on VHF - when tuned in to Channel 16, it will announce a broadcast, and have you switch (usually) to channels 18 & 85) at 8:00am, 2:00pm, & 10:00pm. (This seems to vary some, but updates will come often in the event of severe weather.) Standard weather reports comes hourly (on the half hour). You also have WX-3 or WX-4 on your VHF.


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a massive site on anything oceanic or atmospheric. Click on their "Site Map" to get a sense of the incredible depth of information available. Current marine forecast here. weather site is a favorite for some in the marine community, because it offers quick, specific data, great graphics, and some very interesting products.
If you ever need a ZIP code for a weather site, use 00830.There are obvisouly pleanty of weather sites to match individual preference - e.g. or .


Windguru is a very interesting site that gives wind and wave predictions by the week. Check it out just before you leave, and after you arrive in the BVI. This is a very cool resource for sailors.


Windfinder, StormSurf & SailFlow (old format) are three great sites for those who want to know the sailing conditions in the region. Wind, sea state, precipitation, and other conditions in the area, can help you make informed decisions. Check these out!



FreeTideTables - a slick sight for tides, display data in various formats. Use the "Search" function to find a specific location. There are only a couple locations in the Virgin Islands, but this might be useful for other places where you sail. Various printable resources areavailable for download. is one of the better surf sites out there, according to many- extremely well designed and executed. Just use their "Search" with the letters "BVI," and all kinds of stuff comes up. Make sure to explore their various menus. There is a lot there - current conditions, forecasts, models, cams, ... this site is loaded with information. It's also great for sailors wanting wind and sea state data. There are various paid packages, but the free service is very useful. Clicking the logo to the left will start you on the page for Apple Bay, Tortola.


Magic Seaweed is intended for surfers, but it is a very good resource for sea conditions. Sailors and beachgoers, alike, can plan their days (and anchorages) more effectively with this straightforward presentation of the wind conditions and sea state. As with some other sites listed on this page, this tool might be very useful for where you live, as well. There's definitely more info here than first meets the eye. Clicking the logo to the left will take you to Cane Garden Bay's report, but Josiah's Bay, further east, is also available.


Sirius Marine Weather delivers up-to-the-minute marine weather and forecast information directly to your vessel via satellite broadcast.


"WeatherCarib - Tropical Atlantic & Caribbean Weather" is a site that contains an interesting collection of weather links for the eastern Caribbean, including the Virgin Islands,offering a broad range of climatic and meteorological information.


Airsports Net is a weather site for sports aviators. I included it here because of the way it presents a 48 hours forecast chart of weather conditions in the Virgin Islands. It very nicely shows the projected wind speed and direction on an hourly basis. Check it out - and plug in your other sailing grounds, as well. This is very cool site.


Caribbean Hurricane Network at is a fabulous informational site for tracking and understanding hurricanes in this region. Tracking derived primarily from the National Hurricane Center.


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